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Colorado Rafting & Kayak Support with Royal Gorge Rafting

Royal Gorge Rafting -Kayak Support

Colorado Rafting & Kayak Support with Royal Gorge Rafting


What does it mean to have a kayaker support your Colorado white water rafting adventure?

Having a kayaker along on your Colorado white water rafting trip is a great idea. The support kayaker is able to assist when needed in retrieving paddles and assisting swimmers to a raft or to shore. They are able to help in a flipped raft scenario by signaling to swimmers as to where they should potentially swim. Beyond signaling if they are needed to assist in a rescue they can have a swimmer grab a hold of their kayak and help them to shore. Although a kayaker can’t be everywhere at once they are able to help a great deal in containing swimmers.

Each kayaker on your rafting trip will give our guests a pre trip kayak safety talk. This is important in showing you the white water techniques used in a rescue and where they stress the importance of slowing the moment down to focus on the rescue instead of becoming panicked. Most incidents occur when a swimmer becomes panicked and they lose their faculties to remain calm, assess a situation and then make a logical move. If a participant thinks he or she can achieve something they typically can. If a swimmer thinks they can’t help themselves they invariably won’t and in this scenario your white water kayak support personal is priceless without question.

Kayakers can also use hand signals which help let a participant know which way to swim. Signals overcome the lack of communication due to the loud nature of white water rapids.

Kayakers can assist by shore based rescue utilizing a rope or “throw bag” which is a great way to assist a swimmer to shore.

In extremely rare occasions a kayaker is able to exit their kayak and get into a raft. This scenario is so rare we have never performed it while white water rafting but the option is viable and is another measure where kayak support is a wise accompaniment on your white water rafting adventure.

Our kayakers have helped both tow barge and guide a raft from within their kayak to shore or through a rapid. Although not common it has been done a few times.

While water rafting it is always possible you could flip your raft over. We call this “group swim time”. It is always avoided and fairly infrequent while rafting but just like driving at some point accidents can and do occur. In this scenario a kayaker assists swimmers and the guide if necessary. Flipping is rare but again, realistically, it can happen.

One of the biggest perks about our kayak support team is that they are also photographers and during high water on our Royal Gorge
Rafting trips we employ multiple kayakers so we can have a kayaker be dedicated support and the other kayaker behind the lens focusing on your adventure! Our photos are by far and away the best service on the Arkansas River as your kayaker shoots multiple rafting locations and captures images only a kayaker can. Other offerings in comparison seem menial in service and can cost up to twice the price. We are proud that the service we provide is by far and away the best available anywhere and we get to create what might be the best job in the state Colorado.

White Water kayak support team can provide a critical service in emergency scenario management too.

So where it is possible to compare a Colorado White Water Rafting outfitter by price or high gloss. We suggest you look deeper into value and the culture of the company before your weigh the price.

When choosing a Colorado Rafting company we suggest Royal Gorge Rafting of course as we put our heart and soul into what we do. If you are looking beyond Royal Gorge Rafting or maybe you are looking to raft another river that we don’t service we would suggest looking at our
AROA partners or give us a call and we can steer you in a good direction. But when you are looking in the Royal Gorge Region: Our professional river guides and our kayak support team is ready!