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Arkansas River Rafting - Colorado Snowpack


Arkansas River Rafting - Colorado Snowpack

Upper Arkansas River snowpack is looking strong in 2018.
Arkansas River Rafting - 2018 Colorado Snowpack

Upper Arkansas River snowpack is looking strong in 2018. The media blitz is talking about the low snowpack for the State of Colorado. This is not entirely untrue and this is a major reason why all Coloradans need to understand how and where our water comes from. Conservation is the key especially in a state that derives nearly all it's water from the previous winter's snowpack.

Luckily for outdoor enthusiasts on the Arkansas River, our season is shaping up in a positive measure. We have found that the Highs, Lows and everything in between is what makes whitewater rafting in Colorado such a unique experience. So it's hard to lose despite the negative story the media may display. But that can and will turn participants away. They unfortunately miss out on a great experience and we miss out on providing one at times.

Back to our point, The upper Arkansas River where the whitewater flows from in the summer for rafters and the like is gauged off of a few key "snotel" sites.

These snotel sites used are Fremont, Brumley and Porphyey Creek. There is a particular weight given to each site to give us our overall measure of the seasons snowpack for recreation.

Here it is:

The snotel sites are Fremont which is multiplied by 2 - Brumley site is multiplied by 2 and Prophyry Creek is multiplied by one. We take the total and divide it by 5. That will give us the best percentage for the rafting seasons run off. Currently, we are looking at 99.2% of average snowpack.

This means that the Arkansas River is primed for exciting whitewater rafting as well as other sports that feed off the watershed. The overall takeaway for us when it comes to rafting is that whether the water is high or low, we always find the smiles remain the same.

Many years we see exceptionally high water and the media feeds a negative pitch on that scenario. Low water, just the same. An average year is just that. But we welcome the highs and lows as we truly love what we do in the summer season. Colorado whitewater rafting at any water level is an experience that can hardly be replaced between the epic scenery of the Royal Gorge Region, The challenging whitewater rapids at any water level and the serenity of the calmer sections of the river. You can't beat or replace the exceptional experiences mother nature provides.