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3 Essential Stops on a Colorado Road Trip

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Quality summer fun. 3 Essential Stops on a Colorado Road Trip


If you are on vacation in the Denver region or you are just looking for quality summer fun. Head south for a summer road trip, there are so many things to see and do. There is no need to travel out of the state if you live in Colorado for vacation when there are so many sights and adventures to be had right here! A road trip is a great way for families and friends to bond while saving money and still having a great vacation. And there are many places that offer Colorado vacation packages to help you have a blast along the way. So here is your list of 3 essential stops for your road trip south of Denver.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Located in Colorado Springs, this zoo is unique in many ways. Even if you have been to the Denver Zoo many times, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will still impress you. Because it is located on the mountainside, the habitats are lush and more natural. Entrance to the museum also includes entrance to the Will Rogers Shrine, which provides stunning views of the city below from 8,136 feet up.

Manitou Springs: Manitou Springs is a quaint town just to the west of Colorado Springs. It is lined with unique shops and restaurants that are fun to explore. Manitou Springs gets is name from the mineral springs that are natural there. While you are walking through town you can drink from several mineral spring fountains.

The Royal Gorge: The Royal Gorge is a spectacular gorge just a while farther south on the interstate via Hwy 115 to Hwy 50. It is best known for the Royal Gorge suspension bridge that spans across the Royal Gorge. You won’t want to miss the amazing Colorado white water rafting trip on the Arkansas River rafting 1000 feet below the Royal Gorge bridge and catch Colorado’s best zip line tours. People travel from all over the world to raft these sections of the Arkansas River so you won't want to miss it. See our Royal Gorge Rafting and Zip Line Vacation Packages.

These are just a few ideas of places to stop on a road trip from Denver heading down south. Take advantage of the wild Colorado outdoors and rich history of the region. For more information on Colorado White Water Rafting and zip line tours in the Royal Gorge region, contact us at Royal Gorge Rafting & Zip Line Tours today. Call: 719 275 7238